Mangosteen Sara m1ps citycoco chopper for sale

Mangosteen Sara m1ps citycoco chopper for sale

Rooder Sara 2022 mangosteen m1ps electric scooter 8000w 50ah single battery 100kmph 62mph 100km+ range $5998 EU US

In the current electric scooter market, there are so many electric scooters whose mileage can’t match the actual mileage advertised by the manufacturers.

Mangosteen Sara m1ps citycoco chopper

But Mangosteen m1ps, It is said that it actually range farther than the official announcement, more than 100km!  It’s really a long range model.


We just got the Rooder 2022 that was just released on mangosteen technology co,. limited. This Rooder 2022 also has a special name called Rooder SARA, whose biggest feature is the long mileage.

Mangosteen Sara m1ps citycoco chopper

This harley chopper will come with a 60V 50A lithium battery as standard, and the official advertised mileage is 80 kilometers. but I tested the scooter the whole day, and it was more than 100 kilometers.


The Mangosteen SARA has the ability to exceed the official mileage. because it has installed the best quality Samsung or LG long battery cells. And after comprehensive tuning of tires, motors, and controllers, it can run more energy-efficiently. Although it is a Harley chopper style electric bike, its tire width is already comparable to that of an electric motorcycle. We don’t have to worry about its grip and power saving when riding it. Mangosteen SARA is well done.


In addition, the new intelligent system of Rooder mangosteen is also applied in this chopper, and you can use the mangosteen APP to unlock it.

Mangosteen Sara m1ps citycoco chopper

The buttons also continue the simple style of Rooder serial as always. It is easy to operate. Such as front lamp, horn and turnning left and right lights and so on.

mangosteen m1ps rooder sara

Through the riding experience of the Rooder Sara in the past few days, the long range of the battery is his biggest feature. The current price of this mangosteen scooter is around 5998 US dollars. I feel that the competitor of SARA 2022 should be our own models Super 2018, Arrow 2019, Runner 2020 and Alligator 2021, People may have difficulty choosing. Of course, you can choose ALL.


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